Process and Quality Management

Field of work

Complex planning solutions increasingly are produced in a process with the co-equal cooperation of environmental and technical planners. The planning process can be characterised as well directed and effective if it enables mutual exchange and iterative cooperation of the people involved, including the moderating and constructive solving of conflicts.

Process and quality management contributes to a technically sound formulation and legally secure implementation of the planning aims of the client. A successful and consistent management is characterised by the interaction of creative engagement, the consideration of legal requirements, a secure appearance and operation just in time.

Our expertise - your benefit

Bosch & Partner has gained a comprehensive wealth of experience in many types of procedures, exceeding the exclusive working area of environmental planning.

We have developed process and quality management into an independent working field, and we provide a comprehensive consultation and moderation of your planning project.

Our project experience, particularly in the area of complex and controversial projects of infrastructure, shows that both quality and acceptance of the project decisively depend on the competent participation of the environmental specialists involved on the strategic level of the preparation, justification, and presentation of the decision.

We will support you and your project in the context of

  • Project management and controlling, Project conferences,
  • application conferences, appointments for discussion, appointments for the public, presentations,
  • Support of procedures and consultation, e.g. development of statements on objections, proposals and concerns.

Commissioned by authorities we also reassess the professional and technical quality of application documents and conduct a monitoring of success and efficiency of projects.

We present and discuss our experiences on workshops and conferences, and we publish them in professional journals in order to discuss and exchange experience with colleagues, and to systematically extend our knowledge.


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