Impact Regulation According to Nature Conservation Regulation

Field of work

According to the Federal Nature Conservation Law the impact regulation represents an instrument for the assessment of and dealing with interferences into nature and landscape. The impact regulation is to make sure that individual projects are carried out as compatible to nature and landscape as possible. To implement the requirements of nature conservation legislation the planning of projects demands the establishment of ‘Landschaftspflegerische Begleitpläne’ (landscape conservation support plans). The impact regulation according to construction law is applied on the level of ‘Green Structure Plans’.

Its main content and focus is the systematic development of measures of avoidance and mitigation as well as compensation and replacement of impacts. This plan has to be prepared in a comprehensible way for the consideration process.

Our expertise for your benefit

The impact regulation according to nature conservation legislation has developed into an important field of work of Bosch & Partner. We have been dealing with methodological as well as practical tasks and requirements of the impact regulation for many years.

To guarantee a high quality implementation of your project you can benefit from our knowledge and experience in the fields of research and development, such as

  • development of methods and guidelines in the area of road construction,
  • guidelines for raw material extraction,
  • guidelines for co-operative planning approaches,
  • investigations to re-establish soil functions and landscape scenery.

Additionally we offer our long-term practical experience in the production of landscape conservation support plans, particularly for the project types roads, airports, waterways and raw material extraction.

We put particular emphasis on the conceptual justification of measures and the early identification of and dealing with individual core problems, such as certain faunistic concerns or the lacking availability of sites for compensation measures.

To reach these aims we put emphasis on the co-operation and communication with the responsible authorities and the land-owners. We have made the experience that this approach significantly contributes to create the preconditions necessary for the success of your project, and at the same time helps to realise environmentally valuable compensation measures.

Our quality management, mainly developed during the planning of large-scale projects, also provides planning and legal security at highest standards to your project.


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