Land Use Planning

Field of work in the light of the EU adjustment

The procedures of unbinding and binding urban land use planning, defined in the German Building Code, regulate the land use in the area of the municipality. In the course of the legal procedures the environmental aspects have to be prepared for the consideration. The coming into effect of the Law for the Adjustment to European Legislation (EAG Bau 2004) on 20.07.2004 included new regulations for the environmental audit.

Within the land use planning process the existing instructions have now to be questioned and respectively supplemented – also in order to simplify the procedure:

  • In addition to the land utilisation plan and to the urban development plan an environmental report, complying with EU regulations, has to be produced as result of the new environmental assessment (SEA).
  • The project can require an Environmental Impact Assessment due to the regulations of the EIA legislation.
  • For expected impacts into nature and landscape compensation measures have to be planned according to Federal Nature Conservation Legislation.
  • In special cases an assessment pursuant to the Habitats Directive can be necessary if a Natura 2000 site might be affected.

Our competences for your advantage

The Bosch & Partner Association has gained long experience particularly in the production of

  • urban development plans (Bebauungsplan),
  • green structures plans (Grünordnungsplan) and landscape planning contributions to Project and Infrastructure Plans (Vorhabens- und Erschließungsplan),
  • concepts of area management of compensation sites, e.g. eco-accounts, area pools.

We attach particular importance to a far-reaching resolution of conflicts in an early stage of the procedure. In this context you will benefit from our experience in cooperative planning processes. Early adjustment meetings with the different authorities, with the municipality, and the public help to improve acceptance and guarantee an efficient project implementation. We will also support you in the context of the new requirements for your project arising from the ‘Adjustment to European Legislation‘ in the field of construction (EAG Bau).

In the course of our activities we have developed technical components for the implementation of the SEA-Guideline. This enables us to decisively contribute to a legally sound and accurate realisation of your project.


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