Landscape Planning

Field of work

Landscape planning aims to reach an area-wide implementation of the aims of nature conservation and landscape planning. It can be distinguished into

  • Integrative (master) planning: on local level ‘Landschaftsplan‘ (landscape plan) according to §16 of the Federal Nature Conservation Act (FNCA)
  • Sectoral planning: ‘Pflege- und Entwicklungsplan‘ (management and development plan) acc. to  §§ 14, 22 pp. of the FNCA, relating to special areas or sections of nature and landscape and focussing on the protection aims.

Landscape planning on the one hand fulfils specialist tasks in own responsibility, such as the planning and implementation of nature conservation programmes and concepts for protection sites. On the other hand it performs basic tasks in the context of strategic and project-related decision processes, e.g. support of decision finding in land use planning and other professional planning instruments.

In the future the working range of landscape planning will also include environmental monitoring according to § 12 of the FNCA and the support of the Strategic Environmental Assessment of plans for the production of environmental reports.

Our expertise for your benefit

Bosch & Partner has gained long experience in the field of landscape development and planning of protection areas.

Our competences reach from the conceptual design to practical implementation. Within this framework we can provide competent consultation for you in each stage of the planning process.
Depending on the specific task we can also supervise the projects after their implementation in the process of environmental monitoring.
Our focal points are the development and implementation of methodologically demanding analysis and evaluation procedures as well as the derivation of transparent and comprehensible protection, management and development measures.

In the area of renaturation of moors and water bodies we have collected a particular wealth of experience. Our company attaches great importance to participation-oriented planning and conflict resolution.

Our long experience in co-operative planning processes means a particular benefit for our clients. Coordination meetings at an early stage with the different parties involved, the local authorities and the public improve acceptance and secure an efficient realisation of your project.


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