Natura 2000

The field of work

The Habitats Directive regulates the structure, management and the protection system of conservation areas according to the EU Directives on Habitats and on Birds, which together compose the European ecological networks ‘Natura 2000’.

For each Natura 2000 area particular protection aims have been established. These comprise habitats as well plant and animal species of European importance, which are in favourable conditions in the investigation area. The area management has the task to primarily protect and develop them.

If adverse impacts of the planning project, e.g. roads or railways, on a Natura 2000 - site cannot be excluded, an assessment pursuant to the Habitats Directive or to the Birds Directive has to be conducted with the evaluation scale depending on the protection aims of the area.

Our expertise for your benefit

The team of Bosch & Partner has worked intensively on the tasks and requirement of Natura 2000 since the enactment of the Habitats Directive. Our extensive experience comprises

  • preliminary examinations and assessments pursuant to the Habitats Directive and the Birds Directive,
  • assessment of alternatives and development of the documents required for the process of derogation,
  • co-ordination and optimisation of the process for a planning security at the highest possible rate,
  • support of the process, development of working aids.

To complement our own competences we are maintaining a network of partner companies and specialists contributing their knowledge if required. This primarily applies to faunistic and floristic specialist knowledge.

The mapping results in site frequently are the base for the definition and detailing of he protection aims, which we coordinate with the nature conservation authorities responsible. This serves then as foundation for management plans, which are to sustainably safeguard or re-establish the favourable conservation conditions of the respective habitat types and species.

At the same time we guarantee a close connection to the current requirements of procedural law.

The solicitors we are partnering with guarantee legal and procedural planning security. Due to the current dynamic development of legal and methodical bases a competent consultation has proven to be an important constituent of a successful planning process and decisively contributes to the legal security of your project.


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