Ecosystem Research

Our background

Since its foundation Bosch & Partner has been involved into the field of ecosystem research. The founders of our association participated in the research of the Project Area 6 of the ‘Man and Biosphere‘ –programme (MAB) in Berchtesgaden.

It is our particular concern to point out options for the use of results of ecosystem research in the practical planning process, in administration and legislation as well as in educational and public relations work.
Our expertise – your benefit

Within several conceptional and planning projects we have immediately referred to findings and results of ecosystem research.

  • The planning for the National Park Berchtesgaden bases on the results of MAB research.
  • The ‘Implementation of the Conception for Integrated Environmental Monitoring using the example of the cross-boundary Biosphere Rhön‘ closely refers to different ecosystem research activities in Germany, and it was realised in close cooperation with the Centre for Ecology at the University of Kiel (Ökologie - Zentrum Kiel - ÖZK). 

Our comprehensive experiences in the planning and monitoring sector help us to recognise options for practical application of research results and methods. As the last joint project the ecosystem research ‘Wattenmeer‘ (mudflat), commissioned by the Federal Environmental Office, was finished in 1999 with an over-all synthesis. Thereupon the Federal Environmental Office commissioned Bosch & Partner and the ÖZK to conduct the Research and Development Project  ‘Synopsis of Approaches to Ecosystem Research – German Contributions to Ecosystem Management’.

Within this project ideas and recommendations were developed how to use results of ecosystem research in politics, planning and consultation as well as ideas for the content, organisation and methods of future research projects. We are research contractors of the Federal Environmental Office, of the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, of the EU and of the Ministries of the federal states, and we cooperate with the leading research institutions in Germany and adjacent countries. Bosch & Partner organises national and international symposia and workshops on topics located at the interface of research and implementation.


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