Environmental Monitoring, Indicators, Reporting

A complex and demanding field of work

IIndicators are indispensable instruments for the compact transfer of information on the conditions of complex ecological, economic and social systems. On international as well as on national level numerous indicator systems have been developed and applied. In order to fill them with data systematic and largely harmonised mapping programmes are necessary, and the evaluation of indicator values requires the existence of (environmental) aims and standards.

Against this background comprehensive experience and expertise in all partial aspects mentioned is necessary to deal with this task.

§12 of the Federal Nature Conservation Act allocates the responsibility for environmental monitoring to federal government and the federal states. The present conditions and changes of the natural environment have to be identified, analysed and evaluated

Our many years of experience – your benefit in new projects

We have gained our core expertise in the field of environmental goals, environmental monitoring, indicators and reporting in nearly ten years of continuous research on the conception and implementation of ‘integrated environmental monitoring‘. To start with our projects mainly comprised biosphere reserves but meanwhile our nation-wide experiences include different project types outside protection areas. Our engagement over the last decade significantly influenced the discussion on the reorganisation of environmental monitoring in Germany.

In further research projects in the alpine region and in the Rhön area we have contributed to both concept and content. So far our expert knowledge has been in demand

  • for the formulation of environmental quality goals and environmental action goals,
  • for the establishment of well-structured concepts of environmental monitoring and efficiency control, which at the same time are research-oriented and can be practically applied,
  • for the selection and professional documentation of convincing indicators and for informative environmental reporting, oriented towards the needs of the target groups.


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